Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Oracle Corporate Citizenship Efforts

For nearly two decades, Antoine Chaya, PhD, has been a part of Oracle Corporation, first as director of consulting and later as senior director of strategic accounts. Under the guidance of leaders such as Antoine Chaya, Oracle provides effective computing solutions to businesses; it is also firmly committed to good corporate citizenship.

Oracle has started several initiatives to foster such citizenship. It strives to outperform its peers in matters of sustainability and has made its Utah Compute Facility 66 percent more energy-efficient than the average for its industry. Oracle also does much to support education efforts, providing billions of dollars each year in assistance for students to help ensure their college readiness.

As part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, for instance, Oracle works to help children and adults explore new technologies. Thanks in large part to Oracle’s efforts, the technologies underlying Raspberry Pi have continued to spread globally. Oracle also provides assistance to several other projects, such as gorilla conservation, and it encourages volunteerism among its employees to extend its reach as a good corporate neighbor further still.

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